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Things have been a bit quiet here. That is, if you are judging by the inactivity on our blog and twitter account. You’d be forgiven for conjuring up an image of a ghost town, you know, dusty road, saloon doors swinging in the breeze, tumbleweeds rolling past. Contrary to appearances, it has actually been a hive of activity here – you even may have noticed the name on the swinging doors has changed…

Welcome to the newly merged firm of Doogue O’Brien George.

What has occurred is this; we have gathered the experience and expertise of three leading criminal practitioners – Bill Doogue, Conor O’Brien and Andrew George from the firms Doogue & O’Brien and Andrew George Solicitors – and created one criminal defence firm that spans 5 offices across Melbourne in its busiest Court precincts; City, Heidelberg, Broadmeadows, Sunshine and Moorabbin. Including Andrew, Conor and Bill, seven of our eleven practised criminal solicitors are LIV Accredited criminal law specialists, which we can boast (because it’s true), is the highest number of specialists of any private criminal law firm in Victoria.

This merger symbolises the principle of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  However, the parts and the history of Doogue O’Brien George are, indeed, noteworthy.

Doogue O’Brien George’s mantle of expertise in criminal law is not one of marketing guff or PR spin, but founded in years of experience, development, innovation and persistent pursuit of excellence. And it all started for Bill Doogue and Conor O’Brien  17 years ago when they opened their first office in Broadmeadows. The firm was the first exclusively criminal law firm to open in the area. In addition to establishing a busy practice, they both served the Broadmeadows community through their involvement with the Broadmeadows Community Legal Service, serving on the executive committee for many years.

Bill and Conor saw the need to have a full time city office for their serious indictable crime practice. So in 2003, Bill moved from Broadmeadows to the city and wasted no time in establishing a dynamic serious indictable crime practice with a focus on trial work. Since opening the Melbourne office, Bill has overseen some of the State’s most high profile trials.

In 2008, a third office was opened next to Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court, one of the busiest Courts in Melbourne.  This practice has seen considerable growth over the last 4 years.  In 2012, the Moorabbin office was opened, and Conor O’Brien has spearheaded the firm’s foray into this new office.

Heading west of the city, Andrew George had already established himself as an experienced criminal law practitioner in the Sunshine community, prior to setting up his own practice in Sunshine in 2001. Andrew has developed this criminal law office into one of the busiest in the Sunshine area.  Andrew’s commitment to social justice is also evident through his tireless service to his local community through his involvement in his local community legal service centre.

Doogue O’Brien George owes its credentials and credibility not only to the experience of its founding partners but also to the firm partners Josh Taaffe in the Melbourne office, Anne-Marie Stephanides at Sunshine and Shaun Pascoe, who runs the Heidelberg office, as well as the ongoing and tireless efforts of Lisa Barbaro, the Practice Manager. Solicitors  Brent CaseyKristina Kothrakis, Cassie Collier, Lidia Scafidi, Adam Chernok and Tamsin Mildenhall, who make up the rest of our dedicated lawyers in Melbourne and our other offices, have also contributed enormously as have all the team members at the offices. The merger coalesces the shared values of professionalism, social justice (to client and to the community), and the doggedness required to practice successfully in this highly demanding area of law.

And now, if it gets a bit quiet here, it will only be for a little while longer. You’ll be hearing from us soon.

Check out Doogue O’Brien George’s Google+ profile here.


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