**Important announcement from Doogue + George regarding infringements matters**

Many people end up getting orders against them in relation to outstanding fines.

Dee Giannopoulos attended Court this week and discovered some information everyone paying off a fine should know.

This is especially relevant to people who are currently paying off infringements to the Magistrates Court of Victoria through the BPAY option.

If your clients are doing this, you need to be aware that as of 21 December 2017, all infringement payment plans are going to be incorporated into a centralized system that is going to be managed and operated by Fines Victoria.

While this is good on a number of levels it does mean that all BPAY codes currently being used will be null and void from that date. We have been advised by one of the Registrars at the Magistrates Court that each person who is currently on a payment plan registered with the Court would have received a letter in the mail with their new BPAY and payment details.

Slight pause at this stage…  Many of the people on these orders are there because they do not get their mail or do not have the capacity to change their address with the authorities when they move.

Fines Victoria, apparently, will also send a letter to all those whose fines are transferring to the new organization at some stage in January 2018. The new BPAY details and reference number will be included in that letter.

If you believe your client will be affected by the transition and has not received a letter, please contact the Fines Administration Team at the Court on fines@courts.vic.gov.au with your full name, address, date of birth and case number or court reference number for further information.

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